Love Is Blind by Claudia Lakestone


November 7, 2014


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Title :  Love is Blind

Author : Claudia Lakestone

Series : N/A

Rating :  4 Stars


Blurb : Attractive people have it so easy. It isn’t fair. At nineteen years old, Michelle has led a lonely life. Having a physical deformity in a world obsessed with appearance has made her withdrawn and cynical. Music and books are her only companions…until she meets Chris. Twenty-one year old Chris is nothing like Michelle. He’s handsome, outgoing and sees the glass as half full – but not literally. Chris is blind. He might just be the only person in the world who doesn’t judge Michelle based on her appearance.

The two become unlikely friends and confidants. Over time, their feelings deepen and Michelle finally lets herself believe that maybe, just maybe, even a girl like her can live happily ever after. Then Chris gets the news he feared might never come: there’s a chance his vision can be restored. The very technology that could give him his life back threatens to rob Michelle of her happy ending…and when old demons from the past pop up, it seems like a recipe for disaster.
Can true love prevail even after Chris gets a good look at Michelle?

This book contains mature content and is intended for an 18+ audience.


Review : Nobody should dare to judge Michelle if he has not been at least once in the Position even remotly similar to hers.
I feel the story is written with the inside view of a person either experiencing the feeling of beeing different than “the norm” herself or at least beeing close enough to get an exact feeling for the Situation

I loved that Michelle was honest to Chris.
I only struggled a little with his explanations
No not quiet true – not his explanations ” his action on returning at the airport” (without giving spoiler its difficult to explain)
Lets say his action there was as she expected and not like the reasons he explained afterwards….

I liked this short enjoyable read and hope i makes people think Twice to judge just on an appearance (yeah i know thats hard – chris in that piont of view really had an advantage)

About judgement … Anybody ever considered why they are doing so many blind auditions in Music Casting shows ….

And while your at it – close your own eyes to…
You might be surprised that every Single one of us is judging – even if we don’t mean to….

Just think about it and watch the Faces of the Jury after the song has ended and they find someone they were not expecting in front of them


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