Dangerous to Know & Love by Jane Harvey-Berrick


November 20, 2014


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Title :  Dangerous to Know & Love

Author : Jane Harvey-Berrick

Series : N/A

Rating :  5 Stars


Blurb : Silence is only skin deep. Nineteen year old Daniel Colton is the guy all the girls want to date, and the man all the guys want to be. Moody, with an explosive temper, closed off and sullen, he’s also beautiful, tatted in delicious ways, with a pierced eyebrow and spiky black hair. It’s rumoured he has piercings in other places, too. Is he really mad, bad and dangerous to know? Daniel lives with his older brother, Zef, and their home is party central. You want drugs, a good time, liquor, no questions asked? Colton’s is the place to go. When Daniel and good girl Lisanne Maclaine have to work together on an assignment, Lisanne finds there’s a lot more to the college’s bad boy than his reputation. He’s intelligent and funny and good company. And then she discovers his secret, why he’s so closed off to everyone, and determined to keep people at arms’ length. But being his secret-keeper is harder than she ever dreamed.

Recommended for readers 18+ due to sexual references and sex scenes, some coarse language, drug references and drug use.


Review : Wonderful read !

Eventhough it is totally different in content – I was kind of remindet of Colleen Hoovers – Maybe Someday – And I do not only mean that in reference to Daniel.
I was captured by the writing style and it pulled me deeper and deeper into the story.

Also I wonder what it is about “these” storys – I don’t like to spoiler about the “thing” they have in common – but lets say I found them on the same “listopia-list” (which by the way is something far more people need to use and place books and vote on them – it is such a useful tool)
Anyway – as I said I found them all in the same place and I once commented before that

– I thought that “Archers Voice” by Mia Sheridan had the “best first Kiss” that I ever read about so far in a novel…

– That would be followed by my opinion with “Maybe Someday” by Colleen Hoover – with the best “make out” ( I hope thats the right english expression 😀 ) – AND that wasn’t even supposed to BE a make out … (#gritting my teeth – its hard to explain without leaving spoilers

– Which brings me to a final the best “First SEX” described in a book so far for me and THIS I found here ….

The emotion of the moment was captured and brought to paper. I could feel my own heart beating during the reading of those moments and I belived what i read – and this is what it is all about ! isn’t it ?

I could say so much more but it all would give away to much of the story – I always find it soo hard to review books without telling to much.
A review sounds always so distant and without emotion if you do not spoiler :-(…

Anyway – every Person reading and liking one of the above three books I can only recommend to read the other two also – as each one of them has it’s own beauty.

And I just remembered I need to check if there are other books of that auther 😀




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