Beast In The Tower by Julie Miller


March 4, 2014


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Title :  Beast In The Tower

Author : Julie Miller

Series : He’s A Mystery, #4

Rating :  4 Stars


Blurb : Months ago, arsonists burned Dr. Damon Sinclair’s laboratory. Now Damon is a recluse, shut in at the top of his unfinished Sinclair Tower. And at the very bottom is the affectionate Kit Snow and her down-home diner. After stopping a back-alley mugging, Kit earns the gratitude of the dark knight doctor. Only, she doesn’t want his charity–just all of his most intimate secrets–putting her between her mysterious protector and the black marketers seeking to pillage the Sinclair pharmaceutical empire. But the only thing Damon guards more closely than his multimillion-dollar formulas is his heart.


Review : Storyline is a little jumpy at times
And some things are not well considered up to the end
But i enjoyed the feeling of reading it like it was a movie script
Because thats how it felt





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