A Broken Man by Brooklyn Wilde


March 4, 2014


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Title :  A Broken Man

Author : Brooklyn Wilde

Series : N/A

Rating :  3 Stars


Blurb : Can passion heal a broken man? Ethan Hendrix never needed anyone. But when a car accident leaves him wheelchair-bound, Ethan has nowhere to turn. Ethan’s terrified he may never walk again, much less run the business he worked so hard to build. Angry, alone, and afraid of being forced into a long-term care facility, Ethan reaches out to an unlikely source for help. Physical therapist Sarah Portman has no patience for self-pity. So when Ethan asks Sarah to move in and be his caretaker, she thinks he’s lost his mind. But Ethan is desperate. In such close quarters, Sarah isn’t sure she can fight the intense sexual connection between them. Can Sarah help Ethan overcome his physical disability or will she be overcome by physical attraction?


Review : Too much content in too little page Volume
Short time ago i read almost competly the same story in a better constructed surrounding



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