Vigil by V.J. Chambers


January 9, 2014


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Title :  Vigil

Author : V. J. Chambers

Series : N/A

Rating :  2 Stars


Blurb : Super rich. Super Damaged. Super Sexy. A Billionaire Superhero Romance.  When newspaper intern Cecily Kane kisses a masked vigilante, she doesn’t realize she’s plunging headlong into a relationship with two separate identities. As Vigil, he is dark, sensuous, and irresistible. His touch skyrockets her to heights of pleasure. As Callum Rutherford, he is a billionaire playboy—arrogant, cold, and untouchable. She looks good on his arm, but without his mask, he holds her at arm’s length. Sex with a masked man. Dinner with a rich sophisticate. A fractured relationship with a complicated man.

Deep down, he is broken, twisted in some dark, hidden way. Some way he won’t reveal to her. She only knows that it is somehow connected to his obsession with The Phantom, the costumed villain whose murder spree has rocked the city.

She must unravel Vigil’s secrets. To make him whole. And to stop The Phantom.

**Recommended for mature readers due to explicit sexual situations, coarse language, and disturbing violence.**


Review : I’d like to borrow an expression i read in some reviews :

“…fifty shades of Batman”

Thats what it is
Not bad but not good either

It was lacking of depth at all corners only scratching the surface of both batman and christian grey. It was an interessting idea that was unfortunately written in a way of ” lets get the book out there asap”…
Given the story more pages and the characters and places more background it could have good
But like this it was like reading a newspaper on a train … Catching the headers – drawing conclusions – knowing the end .. Then leaving it where you ‘ve been sitting – because nothing in it is worth being taken home with you

Such a shame / as i said
#good idea
#bad workout



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