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Swallow (Kindred #2) by Scarlett Finn


August 8, 2016


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Title :              Swallow

Author :           Scarlett Finn

Series :            Kindred #2

Release date :   August 8th 2016

Rating :           5 Stars



Blurb :



She’s strong and dedicated,

Committed and selfless.

She needs her touchstone,

But Raven’s not the same.


Reeling from the impact of recent tragedy, Raven isn’t as focused as the Kindred need him to be. When old enemies return without showing any respect, timetables at McCormack Manor change. The danger hasn’t dwindled. Only her Love has the strength and the ability to steer them through. He has to excel in his dominance or they may never survive.


Zara needs to fight to close ranks and to take her rightful place in the outfit without any hitches. She’s different now, faster and more dedicated. Her loyalty will be tested. In the name of the Kindred, she must do things she never thought she’d be capable of.


Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery. Suitable only for ages 18 and over.


Review : I felt like that lion in the cage … you know ? The one you see in the zoo that runs restless from one end to the other … I was staring on my kindle waiting for it magically to appear …


And when it finally did … yeah .. I actually had to finish another book reading obligation and had to attend two parties … until FINALLY I could start reading (logical that there would be that much in-between ME and my book) and you simply NEVER get between me and MY BOOK if you know what is good for you.


But kind of like Zara I felt when I eliminated each and every obstacle to get to the goal … yeah ok .. there were no dead people, no hot guy, no manor, and … hmm now you kind of depress me – but well you get what I am saying.


But now I am at the point that I was afraid of – Missing several hours of sleep because I could not stop reading I am now supposed to give my review on this book. I mean I already shared a lot of my thoughts in a more private setting where others were reading or already read the book, there it was easy to voice my thoughts.


Just like I already told the author … this review will be hard and just like she put it “There is this book with this guy and they do stuff – THE END “ Because no matter what I say I feel I will spoiler something.


I can not be sure if the person looking at this has already read RAVEN ? … You did not – ? ok … ahm no matter what you do .. you need to turn around and do that first … that I can tell you DO NOT read Swallow unless you read RAVEN first. You will not get what the book is about.


HA – See I could review on thing … #laughing


However I can give you my favorite line “you cooked?” …

#Yeah now I did it – you know the whole plot now … #kidding


But really that line had me – Seriously now … I have to rely on the fact that after my fair warning above only people that read “Raven” are looking further into this review …


Zara changed here in Swallow. Not so much her ways but her determination became even stronger – SHE became stronger. She might have faced (UNDERSTANDABLE) moments where doubt and fear crept in. But NEVER never did she loose focus . And no matter what the official focus was – HER focus has been – and will be RAVEN.


Raven – also changed – (not so much #laughing) … he is an asshole … yep … but he is Zara’s asshole. There was this one moment in the book where this man left me speechless. Being Raven also means – he is a man of little words but he mad one speech in that book that left footprints the size of an elephant in my memory.


I am thinking the kind of “lets get a tattoo with that speech” – Trust me you will recognize it when you read it


There are many books out there where the leading characters are supposed to talk dirty with each other and it always felt staged to me. Staged up to the point that I found myself skimming through pages to get over those parts.


But Zara and Raven do not pretend to talk dirty. Raven IS dirty there is no pretense and he tainted Zara in the best possible way. You are looking for sweet cuddling … sorry you have to look elsewhere… “stuff” here is off the charts hot but def not of the cuddling kind.


And I was right in my review on Raven – this series will be a rollercoaster. Where still the supposed to be good guys turn out to be bad and the bad guys are better than the good guys. And still I do not mind that the really bad guys get killed in the process.


Which brings me to the brother issue … I still have no idea what to think about that guy. It never took my so long to make up my mind about a book character … which is an interesting thing because it explains a lot about the characters are handling this issue in the book. (gritting my teeth – I cannot say more on that subject … spoilers karma you know)


Finally … the secondary characters. They are OFF the charts too. I think I stared the next story’s in that series right in their face. No idea where the plot will lead us – but I see the characters I want to read about right in front of me …


May I send in some requests Ms Finn ?


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