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REVIEW : You Before Anyone Else by Julie Cross & Mark Perini


August 1, 2016


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Title: You Before Anyone Else

Author : Julie Cross & Mark Perini

Series: N/A

Release date: August 1st 2016

Rating : 3 Stars


Blurb : Everything she wants. Everything he needs. The supportive friend, the reliable daughter, the doting big-sister:


Finley is used to being the glue that holds everyone together. But while her sweet demeanor makes her the perfect confidant, her wholesome look isn’t landing her the high paying modeling jobs, which are what Finley needs if she is going to reopen her mother’s dance studio.


Enter Eddie. He’s intense and driven, not to mention the life of every party, and he completely charms Finley. The last thing she wants is another commitment to stand in the way of her dreams, but when she’s with Eddie, their chemistry takes over and she can let go of her responsibilities and just be. After all, what’s so wrong about putting herself first once and a while?


Except Eddie is hiding a secret. A big secret. And when it surfaces, he and Finley are going to have to choose between their love for each other and everything else…


Review : Maybe I am having my “I am confused” week – but this is now the second book this week that leaves me with confused feelings.


Well at least until I took a closer look at the title…“You Before Anyone Else” Julie Cross & Mark Perini was written by two authors – both are new to me so I can not judge their previous works.


But I only noticed that fact after I finished reading and if I think about it – this fact might explain some of my confusion. (this is only my very personal feeling but) I thought both characters (Finley and Eddie) felt disconnected to me.


It was like they were bot circling in the same space but never really acting TOGETHER. It was more that reading a story from two PoV’s – I could not put my finger on it. But like I said after I noticed the fact that this book was written by two authors – I have tried writing like that with a friend and I noticed it is a really difficult feature to accomplish.


It might be a long shot – but I would assume that it is due to the way they “shared” the work that those characters seem to be missing out. To judge if I like or dislike the writing style of these authors I will have to read more than this one book – so this judgement will have to wait.


Each character separately is well written and the plotline is engaging so I am sure it will appeal to many readers. For me personally there was just a little something missing to really connect to the story those characters were trying to tell me.


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