REVIEW : Undeniable (Always #3) by Cherie M. Hudson


August 5, 2016


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Title :          Undeniable

Author :       Cherie M. Hudson

Series :          Always #3

Release date :   26 May 2016

Rating :           4 Stars


Blurb : Sit still for a moment. Close your eyes. Listen. Just listen. What do you hear? When I do that, I hear … fuzz. Okay, not really fuzz, but it’s hard to explain what I hear. Put your hands over your ears. Hear that? That’s kind of like what I hear, but not really …I feel sound. Does that make sense? Being deaf in one ear and partially deaf in the other sucks.


People think I’m dumb. I’m not dumb. I just can’t hear you. I’ve worked out however, people thinking you’re dumb actually works to your advantage. When people think you’re dumb, they don’t expect anything from you. And when they don’t expect anything from you, you don’t have to engage with them.


I’m okay with that.


So why the hell is my sister’s boyfriend’s cousin, an annoying Australian named Caden, so adamant he wants to talk to me? I can’t work out if he’s laughing at me, or if he can see what I can see … the world is worth laughing at.


What kind of name is Caden any way?I also can’t work out why, for the first time ever, I wish I could truly hear the way normal people do. Surely it has nothing to do with the fact I wonder what his heart would sound like beating in his chest if I lay my head on it. I can’t work it out and I don’t like it.Damn it.


Perfect for fans of The Fault in Our Stars, Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picoult,

Undeniable is the third book in the Always series that began with




Review : Undeniable is the second book of Cherie M. Hudson that landed on my kindle and it is the third book of the Always series. I am acknowledging the fact that I have yet to read the first of that series too.


There are very serious tones in this novel the author has still managed to bring a light tone into the plotline. Basically this is due to this really gorgeous aussie guy that will steal your heart in a second.


While due to the serious nature of his humor some things are not as funny as they should be – the reader still manages to separate the actual meanings of things.


And I think I will be looking into this “socks” thing… Maybe there is a real Etsy business out there ? who knows …


For me the whole book was carried by this gorgeous aussie – leaving not much for our leading female. Caden was everywhere, even if it was Chase trying to tell the story, for a relationship that might be an unbalanced state but for this plot I did only mind a little .


Chase was nice enough even if I could not relate to her so much. Caden was enough for me. But that is just my very personal opinion. In total all the characters worked well with each other and the writing as well as the plotline seriously rocked.


I can totally recommend this as a summer romance read.


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