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REVIEW : Trusting Jay (Loving Jay #1) by Simone Sowood


July 12, 2016


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Title :              Trusting Jay

Author :           Simone Sowood

Series :            Loving Jay #1

Release date :   May 27th 2016

Rating :           5 Stars



Blurb : When money can’t buy you love, how far would you go to get what you most desire?Abbie White’s life fell apart when she discovered the truth about her boyfriend Matt. Their entire six year relationship was built on a lie; one that cost her dearly.She can never trust another man. Ever.Now she works to pay the bills that Matt left behind, consoles herself with friends and only opens her heart to old fashioned romance movies.James McAllister is used to getting what he wants. As the billionaire owner of the company where Abbie works, he uses his striking good looks, uncompromising confidence and, if all else fails, money to secure his success. Now he’s set his sights on Abbie, and he won’t stop until he gets her.But he can’t let her know who he really is. Because if she knew, she’d run fast and far in the other direction.First he needs to win her over, then he’ll tell her. Somehow.Full length steamy alpha romance. HFN ending.


Review : Once upon a time – .. Ahm yes – even today a memorable story can start like this …And thinking back to this book(s) I would like to think of this story as one of those


As a reviewer you are always excited when you find a new author especially when a blurb sounds really … but sometimes you simply know that even though it sounds good it is not something you want to read at the moment.


So when my co-blogger was approached by Simone Sowood she transferred that request to me because she felt it would be more up my alley … and already judging from the Blurb I could tell she was right.


After I got a review copy by the author I read “Trusting Jay” and “Exposing Jay” back to back – which is a good think – because… honestly I am not sure if I would have been a very patient person waiting for the next book.


So my review is as usual in that case a combined review for both books.


First of all let me leave a message for the author : “Dear Ms. Sowood, you said (and I quote) >> As you can tell I’m new to the game<< but I am very truly sorry … I can NOT see that at all “


Your story had me after the first chapter …


I must admit Jay annoyed me in his best moments and his worst I wanted to ask Abbie to just let go. There were pages when I thought what the hell is he doing there and why ? … ahm no not real “Why” – because I got a pretty good idea quite early of the reason why – I just could not get the complete picture of WHY he choose to continue that way, because he had moments where he could have altered his course… he could not really have believed to get away with it could he ?


But on the other hand I get his desperation. I understand where he was coming from – believe me I DO.


And Abbie hmmm – she was a difficult character but that also made her interesting.


As for the secondary characters in that book … I liked some and equally disliked others (even though I was supposed to like them because they were friends) which tells me they were well developed and I expect to see them again in the next books of this series. And honestly – I am looking forward to that – even if I did not like them …


In many points the leads in this book reminded me of my feelings for the leading characters in Jodi Ellen Malpas’ book series “This Man”, even if Jay did not manage to live up fully to the annoyance that Jesse Ward caused to the unprepared reader, he still did a good job at it.


Basically this book should have been 4 stars due to the fact that there are some points that feel strange during reading, they are simply not logical or feel not fully developed. Two things in specific which I will not spoiler here but if someone read the book I have no problems to discuss that subject in email or pm.


I am known for having an OCD when it comes to logic and continuity in story – others might check on gramma but I am into this – so sometimes that missing logic causes my OCD to dislike a book.


But this is a great story that deserves attention from all those readers that like alpha males with flaws and it made me feel (which is the 5ths star in all my books) therefore this debut novel/series is a 5 star read.


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