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REVIEW : Through Fire (Portland ME #3) by Freya Barker


July 19, 2016


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Title :              Through Fire

Author :            Freya Barker

Series :            Portland ME #3

Release date :   Jul 19 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : Violence corroded her… Obedience defiled her… Fear kept her chained… Freedom is hard to embrace when she’s never learned to trust. Yet in the span of a second, she grabs a single opportunity and runs toward it. Straight into the sanctuary of a pub at the end of a wharf. She doesn’t understand the concept of friendship. She’s never felt the connection of a relationship. She’s as innocent as the driven snow and yet tainted with corruption. Still, she finds herself surrounded by people who accept her, without even knowing the first thing about her. But one of them is determined to dig deeper. He treasures his friends, yet he’s steered clear of committed relationships. He likes his life comfortably predictable and entirely controlled. Until it isn’t. For months he’s avoided interacting with The Skipper’s newest addition. Perhaps realizing that once he looked deeply into those liquid brown eyes, he wouldn’t be able to turn away. When his present and her past puts them both on the brink of change, they are forged through fire as one.


Review : I am not sure how Freya Barker is developing her plot ideas but they seem to get more and more intense ( if that is even possible).


The “Portland ME” series is now launching its third book with “Through Fire” and it seems that it will only be getting “worse”


And with worse I do not mean the “bad kind” of worse – I know I am not making much sense #believe me I know. But its really difficult to explain the concept of this series.


Even though they are all standalones and could be read alone – I can only advise to read them in the right order to grasp the way they are developing from intense to more intense to bordering dark (which is where we are now) and I am kind of afraid what the next step will be.


How difficult can life really get … how much hurt can one person carry … you really do not want to know what Ruby went through … and Freya Barker really drains everything out of her story there is no escaping the hurt .


Tim felt shallow in the beginning where the other male leads from the first two books were strong and solid he was a blank page to me – but during the story that changed.


Still I kind of question myself and the author how far she will continue this series. I see potential in some of the secondary characters we already met in the past stories. But I honestly can not come up with any idea that could keep up with the plotlines that have already been told around the skipper.


And this is what also intrigues me. It should feel too much – because no pub can really be such a pool for those almost horror stories, yet it works the way this author brings to the readers.


Please let me recommend this intense romance series to readers that like to challenge themselves by reading the “Not-so-fluffy-love-stories”


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