The twisted and intriguing storytelling that you loved in Consequences and Infidelity is coming back at you with an all-new alpha anti-hero in the dark romance series Web of Sin, by New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig.

I’m Sterling Sparrow. You’ve no doubt heard my name or read it on the top of tall buildings. There’s more to my business—my realm—than what is seen aboveground.

Within the underbelly of one of America’s largest cities lives a world where a man’s word is either his most valuable tool or his most respected weapon. When my father ruled that world and that city, he promised me someone who would one day make my reign complete.

Since that day, long ago, Araneae McCrie has been mine.

She just didn’t know.

My father is now gone.

The city and the underbelly are now mine.

The time has come for me to collect who was promised to me, to shred her life of secrets and make her who she’s always been—mine.

Have you been Aleatha’d?

*Secrets is book one of the Web of Sin trilogy.



A man’s word is either his most valuable tool or his most respected weapon.

I can’t keep this anything BUT vague.

Characters & Chemistry

Kennedy Hawkins was told to never return to Chicago after a narrow escape and till this day she has kept her word, but a pregnant friend and work has changed that. Being a CEO of Sinful Threads, she investigates a matter that involves some dodgy dealings. It is all a ruse.

I really liked Kennedy. She is strong, sassy, and has a backbone of steel however she always puts others over her well-being. There were times where I was screaming at her internally of course I don’t want people to think that I am nuts. She was always given a choice but not making the right decision would leave all of those she cared for open. Not knowing a lot about her past, it is darker than she will ever think. There were times I though come on girl just leave but was it possible? No. Could she out maneuver Sterling? Hell no. Did she want to? Her body said no but her head was all for it.

Sterling Sparrow runs an empire he is the king of Chicago on top and in the underbelly. He has seen everything and done nearly everything as well. As long as he can relatively rest when he goes to sleep at night it has been a successful day. He is successful, domineering and has standards that are to be lived up to.

There were times I loved Sterling and others where I hated them. He trusted only two people in his life. He wanted what had always belong to him and that promise he made a long time ago. It was a conscious choice that he made. He had his standards, his dominating ways. If I was in Kennedy’s shoes I would have succumbed to his wicked ways as well.

About the chemistry this is where it gets tricky for me. Let me first say that the author hit the nail on the head with this one. There wasn’t too much sex the amount that she wrote about was perfect which I personally loved. It gives the book class. If that makes sense? She is with him to learn her past but truly she is with him because of the chemistry that they have although it was hard to go to the instant sexual chemistry that was there, but I adapted.

Writing, Plot & Pace

If there is one thing that this author can do, then it is write and I mean write. It was hook, line and sinker for me from start to finish. It is captivating, I soaked up every moment of this book. The emotions, the feels all of it wrapped up into one perfect book. Fingers crossed that the rest of the trilogy will go in the same direction.

As to the plot I don’t want to give anything away and well if I were to in-depth then I would spoil besides it is hard to put into words and I don’t quite want to at the moment.

Coming to the pace of the book it was actioned packed, fast paced not a dull moment and time just flew by reading this book.


I have now written more than I wanted to. Let me just I am seriously impressed by this book more than I expected to be. Obviously, it ends on a cliffhanger so wait until all three are out you have been warned.




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