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July 12, 2016


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Title:  Searching for Harmony

Author :  Kelly Elliott

Series:  N/A

Release date:  July 12th 2016

Rating : 3 Stars


Blurb : From New York Times bestselling author Kelly Elliott comes the gut-wrenching story of a love that transcends all odds—and transforms the deepest pain into the brightest hope. Firefighter and first responder Preston Ward thought he had grown immune to the job’s emotional burns. But when he goes out on a particularly tragic call, he realizes that some scenes are too devastating to forget. And yet, if it weren’t for that terrible night, he never would have met the woman who makes him want to risk his heart. More than once, Harmony Banks has watched her perfectly ordered world torn apart by fate. Now she’s finding out that what she lost wasn’t as perfect as she thought—and it’s tearing her apart. The only thing that keeps her going is the kindness of a stranger: the firefighter who saved her life the night everything changed. Preston isn’t like the men who have come before. For one thing, he’s far more genuine. And the love Harmony feels growing between them is almost too intense for her wounded soul. But if she and Preston can push past heartbreak, they’ll find that something incredible awaits in each other’s arms. Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.


Review : Without knowing it – as the Blurb of Searching For Harmony by Kelly Elliott is a little vague on that part – I read a book with very similar subline directly before this book.


When I was about 3 chapters into the book I did something I usually not do – I stopped reading and went to the rating scores for this book wondering if it was only me. And judging from the impressive rating – it really seems to be only me and the problem that I just read almost the same story like a minute before.


But I found myself having certain expectations and I anticipated certain reactions out of the leading characters. But their reactions where totally different from anything I expected.


I thought in the beginning that Preston’s actions were kind of relatable and I am not sure what to think of Harmony at all.


I honestly have no words to describe her.


And the pace at which the story progressed also felt totally off for me because again – I could not help comparing it to the other novel and it felt wrong here from beginning to end.


I think from all the characters in this book it was only Harmony’s brother I could relate to which feels kind of strange.


I guess I am the odd one out there but this book was not for me – probably because I just read a book where it felt different to me.


So – if you like this the blurb of this book – just go ahead and read it – probably you will love it like the rest of the readers seem to.


But also do me a favor and read “Seven” by Susan Renee afterwards – maybe that will explain better what I felt.


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