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REVIEW : Saving Her Angel (Archangels #3) by Missy Jane


August 8, 2016


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Title :              Saving Her Angel

Author :           Missy Jane

Series :            Archangels #3

Release date :   August 8th 2016

Rating :           3 Stars



Blurb : Eleanor has loved her boss Cam from afar for years, but now he wants to retire and send her away. Tearing her heart out would have been kinder. Archangel Camael must never fall for a woman. If he does, he’ll lose his angelic powers, and he will age like a human. Protecting humans from evil is paramount and has meant periodically reinventing his identity to avoid rousing suspicion. But as his desire grows for his secretary, Eleanor, duty feels more like a burden, because he can’t imagine starting a new life without her.He can never fall in love.A force of evil is wreaking havoc and Cam and his Archangel brothers scramble to determine and thwart the cause. The key lies in Eleanor’s tormenting memories, but if they push her too hard, she might snap. Cam must walk the delicate line between protecting Eleanor, appeasing his brothers, and saving the world.


Review : I am torn when it comes to my opinion on “Saving Her Angel” by Missy Jane. While it is the third book in the Archangels’ series it can be read as a standalone.


Naturally that will include spoilers on the endings of the previous books.


Lets start with the easy part – I liked the plotline a lot.


While it might not be a new one it was used in an engaging way that draws the reader into the book. The characters were given an interesting backstory and the development was refreshing. I mean lets face it – the idea of an Archangel living “next door” is an intriguing one.


Now the not so easy part – The writing (and I am truly sorry to be so blunt)


It felt like it was only scratching the surface of what the actual plotline hat to offer. Which made me kind of angry. As a reader I could hear that those characters had a story to tell, but the writing did not go deep enough into the situations that needed it.


We only hear for example how much Eleanor loves her boss Cam. But the reader never gets to actually FEEL that love. There is just one chapter almost at the End when there should have basically been tears in my eyes judging from the plot, but I could feel a tiny “only” hint of real emotions.


A story like this would have deserved this level at the end throughout the whole book and even a little on top at that specific chapter in the end.


Also the backstory drifts around in the first half of the book – with them waiting and thinking – which would have been enough of a backstory IF the plotline would have focused MORE on the relationship development between Eleanor and Cam.

But the way it is now the story does not have enough on both ends.


There is a reference in the book about another angel “Gabriel” and his story sounds like an interesting one. I would like to read his story at the emotional level of the last chapter from this book.


When this book comes up – I will give the series another try because that story really intrigues me.


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