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REVIEW : Challenge (Oni Fighters #3) by Natalie Gayle


July 18, 2016


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Title :              Challenge

Author :            Natalie Gayle

Series :            Oni Fighters #3

Release date :   Jul 18 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : How does something so right suddenly go so wrong? Maybe because fate is an evil bitch. Seth Harris was Onigashima Fighters resident womanizer, party animal and good time guy. He was just as quick with a joke as he was with his fists in the cage. Fast and loose—that’s the way he liked to play it in all aspects of his life. Was that the real Seth or a carefully crafted façade?Sophia Sommers knew her looks were what everyone noticed first—until she threw a kick punch combination. Few realised, her real gifts were determination, courage and adaptability. Her course was clear and charted…until she let Seth Harris under her guard. One night— two actions. That’s all it takes to set off a chain reaction that changes the course of their lives. What happens when fate intervenes and leaves them both reeling, with nothing more than hazy memories of how they landed in their new and terrifying reality? Will these two very different people accept the challenge fate has dealt them? Or will their inner demons convince them to walk away from a fight harder than they’ve ever faced before? They must first accept—The hardest demons to defeat are the ones inside. They’ll have to rise to the challenge.


Review : Natalie Gayle releases with Challenge the third book in the Oni Fighters series. All books can be read as standalones – yet I would recommend reading them in the right order.


During the course of the series the tone and setting seems to be changing. I already felt that Believe (the second book) was different from Brave (the first) – but now with Challenge I am sure of that.


The focus of the story moved from “Fighters having a relationship” to a “Relationships that happen to be between fighters” if you get what I mean.


We get to meet all the characters we loved in the previous books as it is a tight group that will always be there for each other.


And Seth well, even if he does not want the help he will get it so – he’d better get used to it.


We met Sophia already from the first book on but I never had such a clear picture of her so what I so of her in this book was a surprise to me.


And what the Blurb describes as “One night – two actions” really caught me by surprise – well at least on of the two actions – because the one that became obvious early on and was followed by a chain of events that Sophia would have never dreamed of.


And seth – well given his determination to keep things the way they are …it was almost good that he was not able to refuse what followed.


Honestly am I having sadistic tendencies ? when I say – it was a lecture – he might not have deserved but still needed – not only to be able to rise to the challenge but also to accept the concept of love.


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