Between Here and the Horizon by Callie Hart


November 5, 2016


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Title :              Between Here and the Horizon

Author :           Callie Hart

Series :            n/a

Release date :   October 18th 2016

Rating :           5 Stars


Blurb :  “You think you know me. You think you want to know me. But trust me, Miss Lang. Pursuing me will be the worst mistake you ever make. I’m broken beyond repair……and I take great pleasure in breaking everyone else around me.”


Ophelia Lang needs money, and she needs it bad. Her parent’s restaurant is going under, and ever since she lost her job teaching third grade elementary, scraping enough cash together to pay the bills has proven almost impossible. Her parents are on the brink of losing their home. The vultures are circling overhead. So when Ophelia is offered an interview for a well-paid private tutoring gig in New York, how can she possibly say no? Ronan Fletcher is far from the overweight, balding businessman Ophelia expected him to be. He’s young, handsome, and wealthy beyond all reason. He’s also perhaps the coldest, rudest person she’s ever met, and has a mean streak in him a mile and a half wide. A hundred grand is a lot of money, however, and if tolerating his frosty temperament, his erratic mood swings and whatever else he throws at her means she’ll get paid, then that is what Ophelia will do. Her new boss is keeping secrets, though. Awful, terrible secrets. The ghosts of Ronan Fletcher’s past are about to turn Ophelia’s future upside down, and she can’t even see it coming.


Review : It has been some time since my last “Dear Author” review – but yeah here it comes :


Dear Ms. Hart,


Already since some time your books are on my reading list but as the days always seem to have to little reading time when you are a Blogger always something came up.


But now finally I came across your latest book, the time was right and here I am just after finishing “Between Here and the Horizon” I think you ow me some chocolate or similar for the shock you gave me or something stronger containing alcohol would even be better.


YOU know pretty well the moment I mean I am sure, but just to point out – I am talking about the “event” around the 20% mark my kindle said.


My jaw was actually hitting the floor and my head was shaking in a “No .. no .. NO … you can not be serious… you have to be f.. kidding me” way.


Shortly followed with tears in my eyes … and I can still not fully comprehend that moment or what it did with me.


Well I am not able to say much about the actual story here –due to (for the non reader not so obvious) plotline reasons.


But I can assure the readers that you did your best to create a really surprising plot, because nothing would have prepared me for what happened here, you really muted me down to a “at the kindle pages staring” something.


I have a comparing book title ready to give the readers a hint but I will not use it as it would be to obvious.


Only saying that I was like .. “yeah sure when I turn the page all of this will go away because there has been a misunderstanding” …but it did NOT go away – then a second later there was me checking the book blurb for any mention of this being a paranormal novel as that would have helped my cause in that second, but sorry – no such luck.


The facts were a given and then you really created a spin out of this I would not have expected.


Some things were obvious others were surprising.


The story you wrote unfolded beautiful (while beautiful is a horrible word under the given circumstances) and I would like to congratulate you on a really great storyline with great characters.


So thank you for the entertaining hours you allowed me to have with your book.


Now my thoughts are definitely in the “how do I place some of your other books on my basically totally full reading schedule” area.


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