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TRUCKER (The Good Guys #1) by Jamie Schlosser


September 29, 2016


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Title :              TRUCKER

Author :           Jamie Schlosser

Series :            The Good Guys #1r

Release date :   July 13th 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb :



I know what you’re whispering in the car as you pass me by. Hitchhiker. When you see me walking along the side of the road with my thumb out, you’ll probably keep driving without giving me a second glance. You probably think I’m foolish. Naïve. You might assume I’ve made some bad decisions. You might think I’m too young to be on my own. You might be right.



I love my job, but driving an eighteen-wheeler comes with a certain stereotype. When you hear I’m a trucker, a specific image might come to mind. Uneducated. Dirty. Perverted. Rough around the edges and a little bit dangerous. But the truth is, I’m not any of those things. In fact, I’m pretty far from it. You’d be surprised to find out I’m one of the good guys.


Review : It has been a long time since I read such a sweet and almost innocent romance.


Amongst the tons of books it is a real rare treat to find a book that is filled with such a great story that needs almost no sex to be still totally hot and romantic at the same time.


Make no mistake it is not a “clean” book but in comparison to the stuff we usually read in our blog it is really innocent.


That is also why I had to smile at the chosen name for the female lead – “Angel” – the author could not have found a better name for her.


I am not sure what I should say about this book except that if you are looking for something entirely sweet with little drama and yet a full developed plot.


Choose this book.


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