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Throb (Life on Stage #1) by Vi Keeland


September 15, 2016


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Title :              Throb

Author :           Vi Keeland

Series :            Life on Stage #1

Release date :   January 25th 2015

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb :


The rules:

No dating.

No sex outside of the game.

No disclosing the terms of the contract.


Rules were made to be broken, right?


Eight weeks ago I signed a contract. One that seemed like a good idea at the time. A handsome bachelor, luxury accommodations, and a chance to win a prize my family desperately needed. There were some rules though. Lots of them actually. Follow the script, no dating, sex, or disclosing the terms of the deal. After my self-imposed moratorium on men the last year, it wouldn’t be hard to live up to my end of the bargain… so I thought. Until I realized the deal I’d made was with the devil… and I was in love with his dirty-talking brother.


Review : I love my Go-To Authors … the ones I always return to. Usually when you fall in love with an author it is not his first novel you love, because you join this development somewhere along ride.


Therefore it is only natural that even your favorite author still has a few older books that you did not read so far. Just now I “took care” of one of this older ones from Vi Keeland.


Reading “Throb” felt strange to me. While it is not “that” old you can still feel the huge development that this author made in just 1,5 years. While Throb is a really solid read it does not feel like for example “Bossman” because it seemed that her “bite” and the witty Banter between the characters was still “under construction in the beginning.


I will have to read another older book to confirm that feeling. But at this moment it feels like that.


But still it was an enjoyable story, its only problem was that the Vi Keeland now is far better even than the Vi Keeland was back than – therefore she basically deducted 1 star herself #laughing


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