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Something to Believe In (Renegade Saints #4) by Ella Fox


August 25, 2016


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Title :              Something to Believe In

Author :           Ella Fox

Series :            Renegade Saints #4

Release date :   August 16th 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : A rock star with millions of adoring fans. A country girl with a broken heart. Rock star, Tyson Allen, is the hilarious, in-your-face bass player for one of the world’s most popular bands. Behind his funny-guy exterior hides a tragic past full of unbearable horror. After turning to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain, Tyson hit rock bottom on a New York City sidewalk. For several minutes, Tyson Allen was gone–dead.


And now, he’s trying to rebuild a life he nearly lost. He found a way to move forward and live life—a way he was comfortable with. All was going according to plan until he met the new assistant for his band. In an instant, everything changes.


Daisy Hammond has a slew of her own tragedies. And the last thing she needs is a crush on one of America’s rock legends. But unlike Tyson, her kind and generous heart refuses to push people away. Working with the band isn’t easy as Tyson doesn’t want anything to do with her.


Despite his standoffish and rude demeanor, Daisy can’t deny the pull she has for him. Determined to stay away from the bass player with an attitude, she goes about her business without getting in his way. But one night, their desire for one another erupts. Now it’s up to Daisy to pull Ty out of his shell before the tour ends and they go their separate ways. Will she find a way to break down Ty’s walls before it’s too late?


Review : While all of the books in Ella Fox’s series “Renegade Saints” deal with more or less severe issues – they never let the reader “bleed” in a heavy mood. That is one of the biggest accomplishments of her writing style I think.


I remember when I read the first book in that series that I thought the leading characters were all a tad “to beautiful” and I must say that the author still describes them as such but not in that penetrating way anymore. I like it.


This series is really special as it is so well developed that the characters really feel like a family to the reader. They look out for each other and it is safe to assume (pretending for a second they were real persons) that some of them would not be alive anymore if it hadn’t been for others in that group.


I like the raw picture of stardom at an early age is drawn in a way that feels honest to me. Also the way that the members – in this case Tyson – managed to turn there lives around. The reader learns what happened in the past, with all the consequences for the characters in their present life and future, but the author never lets the person remain in that constant limbo of guilt and self destruction.


Also there is always hope somewhere in those layers of hurt. And all of this is wrapped in the nice package that is Tyson, he was the one I was looking forward to read about most. Well honestly they all were, but his “issues” made him so detached while hiding amongst a layer of humor that it intrigued me the most I think.


Daisy was a nice enough character chosen for this ride so it was a great fit, but I am sure readers will agree that most of the time you will find a fault in the female lead if you really like the male character. If we are being honest, than we have to admit that every female reader wants to the male lead to choose her 😉


… So it’s nice if you at least can connect with the female lead to come to a kind of mutual understanding – and with Daisy that was an easy fit. Unfortunately I can not even give you a quote from my favorite scene as that would spoiler stuff from the book .


But its fair to say its HOT… So enjoy this newest addition to the family of Renegades 🙂


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