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April 13, 2016


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Title: Someone To Come Back To

Author :  Roisin Black

Series: N/A

Release date: 13 Apr 2016

Rating : 4 Stars


Blurb : Lieutenant John Sullivan of the U.S. Navy SEALs is used to control in all things and especially when it comes to love. He has one rule.




A recent mission gone wrong sees him seeking refuge at his cabin in the Adirondack wilderness, a place where he goes to deal with the things he has to do as part of his job.Dr. Maggie O’Brien, Senior Trauma Surgeon at Hillview hospital, New York is dedicated to saving the lives of her patients, leaving her little time for anything resembling a personal life. When it comes to love she has one belief.




A work related crisis sees her fleeing New York for the seclusion of the Adirondacks where her burnt-out body and weary soul crave solitude .The last thing John Sullivan wants whilst he tries to deal with the emotional aftermath of his last mission is the distraction of a fiery red-head with curves that would tempt a saint.The last thing Maggie O’Brien wants as she finally takes some time to examine her life is to deal with her body’s unwanted response to the bossy, over-bearing man who rescued her in the woods and who drives her crazy in every way.Soon, though, each realizes the other may not be what they want but what they need. However, ghosts from the past and shocking events from the present shake John to his core and lead him to make a fateful decision that may just cause him to lose the woman he loves, forever.


Review : If I were given one line to describe a book – for “Someone To Come Back To” (Book One In The Omega Security Series) by Roisin Black – it would be


“From the solitude of wilderness – to the craziness of war and … BACK”


This book is really covering it all – I never counted the actual pages but it felt like this book was all-consuming and never ending (not in a bad way – but in a way that tried to cover all bases).


The story takes place in several corners of the world actually and in parts the timeline is confusing at least it was to me. I was never sure if we were talking days- weeks or months – because it just flowed.


We meet John and Maggie while they are both trying to figure out stuff in their life. They refuse to be attracted to each other – but well – they fail in ignoring as you can imagine. Then we get to accompany them along their journey in the discovery of what is really important to them.


Which is when (as you can also read in the Blurb – so it is no spoiler) John makes a mistake – and you can believe me, when I tell you – I read twice what happened and what he did and I cannot even pretend to understand what he was thinking.


Basically the whole situation was a mess to begin with.


But Maggie is not far behind – her decisions are also like all over the place from the beginning to the bitter end. And basically she is really lucky that John had his head in the right frame of mind when he needed it.


Because the whole plot might start out a mess but it gets a huge clusterf*** before it even attempts to get any better. Sorry but there is really no sugarcoating for it.


So yeah – the blurb and the beginning would have never led me to imagine where story would end up – and honestly I am still not sure if it was a believable turn in events ? Or maybe even a little too much. I guess if It would have been a movie – nobody would have complained about the twists and turns of events – just reading it in a book felt kind of going overboard I guess.


Especially considering the way the whole blurb sounds and the books first half feels. So if you consider it a romance turning suspension than I think you can work from there and will enjoy it.


4 confused “yes there are really places without cellphone reception” stars


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