Seventeen Days by D.B. James


September 2, 2016


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Title :              Seventeen Days

Author :           D.B. James

Series :            n/a

Release date :   August 19th 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : What can one night in Paris, change? Morgan Young’s plans for the summer consisted of two things: fun and friends. Working in a small coastal Alabama town for a man she barely knew wasn’t included — especially since she can’t stay away from him. Everything. After losing everyone he loves, Harrison Montgomery has given up on happiness — and love. When his path crosses with the feisty redhead’s, he can’t seem to get her off his mind. But their time together is threatened by Morgan’s plans to leave. One dare may change the future. Harrison throws down a challenge a dare that changes their lives — one Morgan accepts. But is Seventeen Days really enough to fall in love? Can they find a home in one another, or will the storms of the past pull them under?


Review : Seventeen Days is the debut novel by DB James. Moreover, even without considering that fact I have to say it is a good story.


Besides being a love story, it really is more a story of growing up and taking responsibility for your own actions.


The author choose two well-developed characters to take sides at this battle of wills and experiences.


On one side you have Morgan who had everything but basically nothing and then lost everything – but the reader may wonder if losing everything might not have been the best thing ever happen to her


On the other side there is Harrison – who has lost far more than everything – yet still has more than he realizes – if compared to Morgan


When their tempers collide not only the sparks fly but also a funny banter that will make the readers smile I am sure.


Why not 5 stars … well – first of all, there were some timeline and fact issues in the version I read of which I informed the author, but I am not sure they will be gone in the later versions.


Secondly, I was wondering something during reading that was confirmed later in the notes at the end of the book.


Especially near the end it felt as if this author was a fan/friend of well-known author, because there was a twist in the story that reminded me a lot of that author’s writing in the way it was handled (style wise not plot wise) .


I felt that the author was trying a tad too much to honor this writing style which was totally not necessary …the story was fine as it was until then.


But casting those facts aside – this book is a well-developed debut with interesting characters that is definitely worth your reading time.


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