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Our Chance (Chance Series #2) by Natasha Preston



November 12, 2016


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Title :              Our Chance

Author :           Natasha Preston

Series :            Chance Series #2

Release date :   April 12th 2015

Rating :           3 Stars



Blurb : Nell Presley believes that no good can come from love. Her grandparents screwed it up, her parents screwed it up, so why would it be any different for her? She would rather keep it casual and protect herself.Damon Masters was happy with casual through university but his feelings for Nell develop and he now wants more.With the aid of Nell’s best friend, Chloe, Damon sets out to smash down the wall Nell’s built around her heart and show her that not all love is doomed to end in disaster. But is Nell be strong enough to let someone in or will Damon end up getting his heart crushed?


Review : If I am totally honest – I somehow could not relate to Nell at all. The first part of the book it felt strange how she was acting all against relationships, because she is not the first person in that position. Later after receiving more informations about her background I should have been able to relate better with her but it felt throughout the whole book that we got off on a bad start and unfortunately that did not change. 


Still this author has an enganging writing style and I am sure others will love the story and it is just me being the odd one out here … therefore I would still like to recommend this book to you.


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