Mr. Right by J.S. Cooper


October 24, 2016


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Title :              Mr. Right

Author :           J.S. Cooper

Series :            n/a

Release date :   July 26th 2016

Rating :           1 Star



Blurb : Some nights are meant to remain a secret. Some nights are meant to be for fun. Some nights are meant to last just one night. It was never supposed to happen. But, we couldn’t stop ourselves. One night became too many. He was the one man I wasn’t supposed to want. The one man I wasn’t supposed to have. The one man that could never possibly be my Mr. Right. However he’s the one man I can’t get out of my mind. He’s the one man that’s going to change everything. Only he has a secret that’s bigger than everything else. He has a secret that could ruin everything.


Review : Unfortunately it seems to be becoming clearer with each book I try that the writing style of J.S. Cooper does not agree with my reading needs.


I tried several books so far – the latest being now Mr. Right and again I am left wondering why I even started reading it.


The Blurb’s of the stories always sound appealing and the basic plotlines are not bad at all but there is just something about that writing style that is just not for me.


In this case here I was wondering throughout the whole book why the female lead did what she did. And why she remained where she was ( I am vague on purpose because of spoilers )


Almost nothing made sense to me. Strangely only Evan (at least on the surface) made sense in the “obvious” plotline.


The not so obvious plotline was even worse – she made totally no sense.


I am just now sitting here (shaking my head NO) when I am thinking on how to express what was going on in that plot.


Suffice to say I started skipping a few chapters in the second half of the book because even though I hoped there would be some light in the dark – it only became worse.


And that the dialogue that made me finally close the book without reading the actual end was about one person admitting a big lie (and I am talking HUGE) to another and the other person basically saying DIRECTLY WITHOUT BIG FUSSING AROUND “its ok you played me because I love you” … ahm that did it – sorry.


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