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Living Out Loud (The Living Series #2) by Melody Dawn


September 16, 2016


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Title :              Living Out Loud 

Author :           Melody Dawn

Series :           The Living Series #2

Release date :   September 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : Haunted by a sexual experiment that went awry in his late teens,Connor Reece knows he isn’t safe for any woman.For six years, he’s kept everyone at a distance, until the day his twin brother finds his soulmate.When Connor is introduced to her best friend, Madison McKinley, she becomes the light in his dark world.Both are attracted to each other, but neither believe in love.Until they receive news that changes everything. Can Connor convince Madison to take a chance on him?Or will their trust issues deny them the chance at an epic love story?


Review : If there is one thing we learn from Living Out Loud by Melody Dawn it should be to never believe the internet without re-checking it first – expecially when it could really cause damages that will most probably follow you for the rest of your life.


Jayson’s (which we met in the first book of this series) twinbrother Conner had to find out the hard way that the internet is not a reliable source for every kind of information. Haunted by his experiences he feels he is not normal … not safe for any relationship or even to just be with a woman in any sexual way.


What he does not know is that Madison is basically his other half and the otherwise known as #Bitch called Karma will do its best to keep crossing the paths of those two haunted souls no matter how painful it might be


The spark is there – but the past is dark so will it be enough ?


The chemistry between Conner and Madison leads to excruciating moments for the reader. You will laugh and cry …


I wondered several times how something like what happened to / with Conner will influence a persons self – esteem and I came to the result that it has the real potential to extinguish it fully.


So join the ride to find out if karma is at least for once on the right side of the tracks


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