I Speak…Love (A Different Road, #3) by Annalisa Nicole


August 15, 2016


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Title :              I Speak…Love 

Author :           Annalisa Nicole

Series :            A Different Road, #3

Release date :   August 15th 2016

Rating :           5 Stars



Blurb : One family of five… One life-altering tragedy… Three survivors.


Each of the Mason siblings takes the outcome of the devastation three completely different ways.

When you live with a lifetime of lies, secrets, and regret over time it eats away at everything inside until all you’re left with is a cold, empty heart that’s fractured into a million pieces.


Stephen Mason has lived with not only one, but two life-shattering secrets since the day a car accident claimed the lives of his parents, left his brother impaired, and led his sister down a destructive path.His number one rule since the accident: never let anyone get close… He only destroys the lives of anyone who gets close to him. He’s distanced himself from his siblings and the possibility of love. He’s accepted the cruel punishment of being alone with his secrets until the day he dies.


But fate may have other plans…


Maddy Malone has lived her entire life knowing the fact that she was unwanted. Given up at birth, she bounced around the foster care system until she was eighteen. She’s learned to guard her feelings and protect her heart.


Good things are only meant for special people. When they happen to unspecial people, there are always consequences.Two wrongs don’t make a right, but can two broken people make one whole?When you’ve given up hope and have retreated inside yourself… Can one truly speak…Love?


Review : Wow… the Different Road series books were the first books I ever read by Annalisa Nicole and I must say “What an emotional rollercoaster”.


They might appear as standalones and it IS possible to read them as such but because of deeply woven ties I extremely recommend to read them in the right order. Otherwise you will miss out on specifics that color the relationship of all those amazing characters.


When I read the first book I was convinced that River had forever my heart when it come to the 2 brothers. Now I am not so sure anymore. Book by book the author uncovers hidden layers of the relationship of these 3 siblings.


Stephen dug his way into my heart with his dedication to Maddy. His understanding and his actions were just WOW.. He left me speechless at times.


The weight of secrets that he was keeping was so heavy it wouldn’t have been a surprise if it had broken any man. Yet he punished himself day by day by simply existing instead of living.


Maddy also had heavy weights on her shoulders to carry – yet she did not let it ruin her – bend but not broken – def. never that.


She follows her ideas no matter how long it will take her to get there – an admirable trait.


There were definitely tears in my eyes when I read Stephens declaration about all the reasons he is bad for Maddy – which actually wasn’t quite what it now sounds like … it was more the opposite of what it sounds like.


This is the reason why this book is a 5 star read even if there were two issues in the story that I felt needed to be addressed differently –


ONE was the opinion that River had on the work of Stephen. It was such a big issue for him in the first book – that I would have wished for it to be proven in the last book. Don’t misunderstand Stephen’s addresses River’s opinion on the work but I would have felt better if there had been a prove of that by an outsider that would have shown the truth. (I sound cryptic I know – sorry – but spoilers)


THE SECOND ISSUE was Maddy’s money … and I am sorry if I spoiler something I try to leave my line again cryptic out in the open … She is working right ? she lives for free in a house- right ? She has a car she uses for free right ? so WHERE is the money she earns from her job – you will understand the reason for this question while reading …


Nevertheless this was a beautiful series with deep emotions that I can only recommend to read …


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