I See…Love (A Different Road #1) by Annalisa Nicole


September 10, 2016


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Title :              I See…Love 

Author :           Annalisa Nicole

Series :            A Different Road #1

Release date :   August 25th 2015

Rating :           5 Stars



Blurb : One family of five… One life-altering tragedy… Three survivors. Each of the Mason siblings takes the outcome of the devastation three completely different ways.When you are born, you’re born a blank canvas. Over time, sadness and heartbreak leave deep scars. Loss and sorrow carve irreparable cracks into that canvas. Love is like paint, it colors your heart and fills in every scar, every wound that life has left behind.River Mason has never led an easy life. He and his younger sister were involved in a horrific car accident that tragically took the lives of both of their parents. Sadly, losing his parents wasn’t the only thing he lost that day; with that came bitterness and anger toward himself, the world, and everyone in it.His number one rule: Never let anyone in…He’s determined to keep his heart closed to the possibility of love because that would be weakness and for River weakness is never allowed.Joss Meyer is perfectly happy in her existence. She and her best friend, Nina, have been each other’s constant since the fifth grade, sharing every experience of their lives. After opening their own personal chef business together, the last thing on Joss’ mind is a man. She stays focused on her career, and her carefree life.But life doesn’t always go as planned….When Joss meets River, he turns her world upside down. She finds herself willing to sacrifice her heart to be with a man who only promises to hurt her in the end. Sometimes the road less traveled is a chance worth taking….Is it better to end up hurt, than to never have loved in the first place? The decision is black and white, but how you feel isn’t.


Can one truly see…love?


Review : What a remarkable book – Basically I grabed this edition because the 3rd book that will be out soon catched my attention and when checking on the author I found this one. It was so well written that I now wonder what the next ones will be like.


River is a remarkable character that is so well written that he brought tears to my eyes. Yes he is hard at times but the reader always knows where his heart is at – nomatter what his mouth is saying.


Joss is great – not one on those fluffy heroines that are easy bend and broken … she does not give in nomatter what …


looking really forward to the next in that series


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