Cuckoo by Scarlett Finn


October 12, 2016


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Title :              Cuckoo

Author :           Scarlett Finn

Series :            Kindred, #3

Release date :   September 5th 2016

Rating :           5 Stars



Blurb : Cuckoo


She’s shrewd and unforgiving, Focused on her own agenda.Her motives are selfish,And she always gets her man.


Zara’s existence is unrecognizable from life before Raven. Given all they’ve lost, the Kindred are still trying to find their rhythm. Except when an almost impossible-to-refuse bid for Game Time comes in, they have to get their shit together fast.


Raven is hesitant, Swallow is sure, and Swift is right in the middle. Facts they’d always accepted as sacred are suddenly called into question. With the truth no longer certain, they have to be willing to do whatever it takes to rewrite history.


Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery. Suitable only for ages 18 and over


Review : Am I the only one thinking that Scarlett Finn seems to writing constantly? She really seems to breathe books. Usually the reader has to complain about a long waiting time until he gets the next book in a series but not with this author.


Ms. Finn lets you barley breath through your emotions of the last ride you took with her when already the next journey is knocking on your door. Not that I am complaining – far from it – because it keeps you in the middle of things.


This time it was “Cuckoo” the 3rd book in the “Kindred-series” that I had the pleasure of reading. Writing a review without giving away anything about the story has become an almost impossible, because any tiny bit I tell might be too much.


And given my emotional Outbursts during reading … well – lets say “If I would let my honest emotions flow into this review there would be a lot of ##beeps## to erase offensive words”


In many points the book was exactly as I expected (in a good way) in others it wasn’t and that also was a good thing, because it kept me guessing whether or not I was right about certain things and developments. Turns out to be 50/50 which is actually a good sign as usually when an author writes a series it gets easy for the reader to predict certain events happening the more books he read in that series.


Looking back to the first book in that series I somehow feel now, after reading Cuckoo, that the balance of power between Raven and Swallow has shifted. And I think if you asked me before reading this 3rd part I would have refused to admit that I like it.


Things will be getting interesting now because the next books will most likely be focusing on other members than Raven and Swallow and it will be interesting to see if the dynamics that have been established can be maintained.


And how much the reader will get to see from our favorite couple in the future. But I admit I can hardly wait to hear Swifts and/or Zave’s story.


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