A SEAL’s Oath (The SEALs of Chance Creek #1) by Cora Seton


October 27, 2016


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Title :              A SEAL’s Oath

Author :           Cora Seton

Series :            The SEALs of Chance Creek #1

Release date :   January 12th 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb :  Navy SEAL Boone Rudman and his friends are ready to make their mark by creating a sustainable community that can be replicated anywhere in the world. But they need land, so when Martin Fulsom, iconic leader of the Fulsom Foundation, offers them Westfield, an uninhabited ranch in Chance Creek, Montana, they take it sight unseen-and agree to Fulsom’s condition that they document their progress on a reality television show. Building a working community will be hard enough, but Boone’s got another problem.


Fulsom expects families-not single men-to make up the population of the new town. Now Boone’s got to find a wife, fast, before he loses his funding, and his dream. So when he arrives at Westfield to find it already occupied by Riley Eaton, the woman he thought he’d lost forever, he wonders if fate itself has provided him with an answer.


Riley Eaton’s played by the rules all her life, but it hasn’t gotten her anywhere. Now she’s out of work and no closer to being a full-time artist–or meeting a man and starting a family. Never happier than when she’s buried in a Jane Austen novel, she knows she’s not the only woman longing for a simpler, more beautiful life-one that allows time for art, literature and music.


When she discovers her friends are in the same frame of mind, she throws caution to the wind and invites them to Westfield, the ranch her uncle inherited long ago, but has never lived in. Equipped with a key and a standing invitation to stay there whenever she likes, she heads to Chance Creek and gives up all things twenty-first century in order to take a six-month Jane-Austen style vacation.


Westfield is perfect for Regency living with its wide lawns, extensive gardens and large ballroom. But when sexy, stubborn Boone shows up with plans to build a hyper-modern sustainable community on the ranch, it’s clear her Regency paradise is over before it even began.


Now Boone has thirty days to marry Riley or lose the ranch to developers, and Riley has to decide whether to marry Boone or say good-bye to Westfield–and her Jane Austen life–forever. Can they overcome their prejudices to help each other? Or will their pride destroy both their futures?


Review :  Ahm well at first I thought I ended up in a set up for a reality soap – then I dismissed that thought and was struggeling to come to terms with what I was reading and then suddenly one line “plopped” up in my head 


“The Truman Show” and after that I actually enjoyed it and I will read the next one too – but please do not ask me on the details – read for yourself


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