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February 6, 2017


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Title :              Split

Author :           JB Salsbury

Series :            n/a

Release date :   15 Nov 2016

Rating :           5 Stars



Blurb :  What do you do when you wake up with no memory of what you did last night?


Lucas spent the first half of his life protecting himself from others, but now his own mind is his biggest enemy. He doesn’t know what happens when the blackouts overtake him, but he can recall the feelings—the rage, the confusion, the fear. Thankfully the quiet life he’s found in Payson, Arizona has kept the darkness at bay. Until his boss’s estranged daughter shows up in town, asking questions she shouldn’t and sparking a desire Lucas can’t control. Getting close to Shyann is the best thing that’s ever happened to him, but when his blackouts return, unleashing the truth he’s battled so long to hide, he may just lose her forever . . .


Review : WOW


I finished reading Split by JB Salsbury last week and only just now I had time to sit down and write my review. Reading between 5-15 books a week (yes no joke) tends to leave your mind blank after just a few days when you try to remember the content of a book you read in the previous week.


I often stare at a title and have to reread the blurb and my kindle notes to remember my thoughts and feelings about a story.


BUT Not with this book.

– For me a book needs to fulfill 1 of 3 categories to receive 5 stars.


1. I need to cry

2. I need to laugh (not just a little but really really hard)

3. OR a story has to stay with me for a long time.


And no 3 is what applies in case of SPLIT….


When I just checked my schedule on what review was up next to write and I saw the title my thoughts directly wandered to the story. A story so unique – raw and real that it hurt.


The reader will find some suspense in it and romance but the biggest subject of the book for me was the well developed and raw storyline that surrounded Lucas.


I do not want to say anything about the plot itself or even compare it to other books because it feels as if I would betray the readers honest emotions to do so. But as the Blurb states it I would like to state that the line “perfect for fans of Katie Evans” feels very true to me. VERY TRUE and I have a very specific book in mind (which I can not mention for obvious reasons)


At the beginning I was not sure if I liked Shy as she felt a little rough around the edges to me but during the storyline she developed a very likeable character. But my heart really goes to Lucas – his character was written so wonderful


The main thing I liked about this book was that not everything is “fluffy” and “roses”. The plot does not ignore the problem or paints it in nice colors or even attempts to “remove” it (sorry for being so vague – I could tell a hole lot more but I do not want to) .


The story just showed a way of dealing with “IT” And that is where I started to like Shy. Not ignoring – not avoiding or trying to change what is a given – no she goes in HEAD FIRST and deals with it.


AND hey … refreshing was also … except for the “suspense factor” with its cliché touch – all the secondary characters for once lined up behind shy and not against her … NICE – really NICE …


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