SECRETS I KEEP by Kelley Harvey


November 7, 2016


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Title :              SECRETS I KEEP

Author :           Kelley Harvey

Series :            n/a

Release date :   September 29th 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : What happens when secrets aren’t enough to protect you?I moved to Texas for a fresh start, at least that’s what I tell people. No one gets the whole truth. Hell, I haven’t let anyone close enough to even ask.


Until him.


Jax is a born heart-breaker with a killer smile. When I get injured, I try to keep him at crutch’s length, but he’s always there. He helps me with my little sister Sophie as he sweeps me off my feet, even though I do my best to resist his charm. But he can’t fool me. No one does anything without expecting something in return. And I don’t want to owe anyone, especially Jax.


Besides, I’m not the only one hiding something from my past. If Jax isn’t who he says he is, it’ll endanger more than my heart. I learned long ago not to trust anyone, and he’s no exception. Not that it matters…Jax would never understand the SECRETS I KEEP.


Review : “SECRETS I KEEP” was my first book by Kelley Harvey and I think it will not be my last. Intrigued by the Blurb – but not really knowing what to expect as the indications were vague at best – I started reading it yesterday and finished it within 24 hours.


Yes it was really a fast read because I actually also felt that the story paced that fast. What seemed vague from judging the blurb was cleared up very shortly after beginning to read. The reader was never facing any doubts about what was going on. And I must admit the one twist that reveals itself in due course was not really a secret to me as I guessed it pretty early in the story.


But still that actually does not matter so much. The characters are developed fully and deeply. The writing in so solid and contains enough suspense to keep the readers attention from beginning to end. If you want to pick apart the story you will find stuff that could have and would have been handled differently if this had been the reality and not a fictional story but if you are willing to overlook smaller issues this is really a great story that I can highly recommend.


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