Title: Saving Emma 
Author: R. R. Banks 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

She gave me a pet name. 
A*shole. How adorable.  

But is she brave enough to call me that…
…now that I’m her new boss?

Crazy rich. Powerful. And bored as hell.
Until I saw Emma again – my best friend’s kid sister.
Once the annoying little girl that followed us everywhere.
Now she’s all grown-up… and hates my guts.

An investigative journalist with a body to kill for,

Fiery attitude and devastating curves.

She may have lost her dream job.

But I’ll play hero and give it back.


When she uncovers a serial killer’s trail,

It’ll take everything I have to save her.

I’ll burn this city to find this f*cking monster if I have to.

I’ll save Emma and the secret she’s carrying. 

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