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Left for Dead (Crimson Hawks MC) by Lexi Cross


December 9, 2016


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Title :              Left for Dead

Author :           Lexi Cross

Series :            Crimson Hawks MC 

Release date :   May 24th 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb :  A taste of poison is deadly. A taste of me is a whole lot worse. She found me on the side of the road. I would’ve bled to death if it wasn’t for her. The bastards who tried to kill me had come real damn close. But she picked me up, carried me home, nursed me back to health. Big mistake. How could she miss it? How didn’t she see? I’m a walking virus, a natural disaster. Death and violence follow me like a second shadow. The right thing to do would have been to leave me where I was. To let me die a dog’s death — hell, I probably deserved it. She didn’t, though, and it’s too late for regret. Already, my past has come roaring back with a vengeance. We don’t have much time left. I should send her packing. Run, silly girl! Get out while you still can. My enemies are coming… But something deep inside won’t let me. I had a taste of Sophia, and now, I can’t get enough. I want to claim her, ravage her until her cries shatter windowpanes. And I won’t take no for an answer. I’m here, baby. I’m never leaving again. If you didn’t want me — well, too bad. You should have left me for dead.


Left for Dead is a full-length, standalone romance novel with steamy hot sex, strong language, a happily every after ending, and NO CLIFFHANGERS.

Contains dark and disturbing themes, and over-the-top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some readers.

Perfect for fans of Sam Crescent, Jenika Snow, L Wilder, Sabrina Paige, Lauren Landish, Vanessa Waltz, Jordan Marie, and Nicole Snow.


Review : I am not sure how often I tried to read MC novels and failed because eventhough I read dark, darker and gritty or even twisted novels there is always something in me refusing to cooperate as soon as the word “MC” is involved.


But what can I say … “Left for Dead” by Lexi Cross was different – well I will be honest – not totally different but different enough for me to like it. I think when I take a look at the ratings of the book – that this is also one reason why the ratings are not as high as I feel they should be.


The reader is not directly thrown into the complicated world of the MC but instead the first part of the story fully focuses on the main characters and in the beginning the reader will not even notice the MC part. And real MC readers will have the feeling that there is something missing…(at least I assume that).


But I liked it for that specific reason even more. I still could not fully comprehend the MC parts and maybe I do not want to. I enjoyed the part without those references enough to give my rating to this well written story.


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