Hung: A Bad Boy Alpha Billionaire Romance by Simone Sowood


December 18, 2016


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Title :              Hung

Author :           Simone Sowood

Series :            A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance

Release date :   September 21th 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : Is a man worth losing everything I’ve ever worked for?Lawson Heywood is a cocky, dirty-talking prick with enough money to buy a small country. And a man who’s used to getting any woman he wants.I drew him a picture. He was so impressed, he cornered me and kissed me. My first real kiss.


With his tattoos, broad shoulders and panty-dropping brown eyes, I thought I’d melt into his arms forever.Except I can’t get involved with him. It would make me a sell out and ruin my art career once and for all.Lawson keeps threatening to make me his, but that’s never going to happen. No matter how much my body craves him.


*** A steamy STANDALONE contemporary romance with a hot, dominant alpha. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.***


Review : From the first book that I read by this author I was hooked to her writing style. So when offered the newest release in the “Bad Boy Billionaire” series by Simone Sowood for review, there was no question that I would want to read it.


I have to admit that “Hung” left me a little divided in my opinion. While I really loved Lawson and his character was fully and deeply developed.


I did have some slight problems with Skye.


She changed her mind and her opinion about Lawson faster than other people change there clothing. In fact – what was meant as a kind of joke… she actually really DID base her opinion on him wearing a suit or jeans.


Which would have been OK if it had remained a joke but I had trouble following her line of thinking which was giving me a whiplash at times.


As Lawson always steadily did his thing and Skye liked it at one point to hate it in the next minute and followed that by not being sure if she loved or hated it.


I get the confusion when your believes are shaken in the foundation but I think she was a little to undecided and I would have liked it honestly if Lawson at one point had made his point clear more “aggressive” after all he was supposed to be a “BAD Boy” – if you know what I mean.


But still it was a great story and my complains are high level ramblings of a devoted reader so no worries if you think this blurb might be interesting to you – go ahead – especially if you have read previous books by this author you will not be disappointed by this one.




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