Echoes in the Wind by Debra Jupe


February 15, 2017


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Title :              Echoes in the Wind

Author :           Debra Jupe

Series :            n/a

Release date :   31 Jan 2014

Rating :           2 Stars



Blurb : Geology instructor Darla Hennessy’s dreams are shattered when her longtime boyfriend dumps her to marry someone else. On the rebound, she lets a friend drag her to a party where she meets former teen idol Eric Boyd, the Scottish rocker she had a crush on years ago.Eric has one goal: return to the industry as a legitimate musician and earn the respect of his peers. But his manager is missing, someone is murdering his former band mates, and he might be next on the killer’s list. The last thing he needs is a relationship.Despite their growing chemistry, Darla is wary of getting involved too. But when the killer attacks Eric, she can’t turn her back. On the run, they have to stay one step ahead of a madman even as their attraction heats up. It may be love, but can they survive long enough to find out?


Review : Most probably I am the odd one out here when it comes to giving a rating on Echoes in the Wind by Debra Jupe.


I read the book and made up my mind on it but judging from the other reviews I seem to be thinking in a totally different direction.


So I am sorry to say that I could totally not connect with this story. The plotline was good but the way of the story was told felt detached from the characters for me.


I could not feel any emotions with them or for them. And as a reader it is very important for me to feel for the leading characters.


It felt foreign to me that everything in this plotline was so on and over the top when people talked about it.


And parts of the plot felt as if you would have to know a previous story of the characters you meet but you were not invited to that knowledge.


Hard to explain without giving details on the plot, but their actions contradicted the emotions they should have experienced, they all felt numb.

Numb for me as a reader and numb in their interactions with each other.


It seemed that the growing usage of cigarettes was the only indication of their nerves.


I read about 60 % – but than I felt I should stop – so I am really sorry but this book was not for me.


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