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Credo (Scars of the Wraiths #3) by Nashoda Rose


February 17, 2017


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Title :              Credo

Author :           Nashoda Rose

Series :            Scars of the Wraiths #3

Release date :   October 24th 2016

Rating :           5 Stars



Blurb : New York Times & USA Today Best Selling Author Nashoda Rose brings a fresh twist to the paranormal romance world with ‘the Scars’. An unrequited love. A tortured past.An unbreakable bond.Their love was well-known throughout the immortal world. The powerful Taldeburu Waleron and his Delara.But tragedy struck and tore them apart for years. One believing the other was dead.When fate finally brings them back together again it isn’t kind. It’s cruel and testing. Sacrificial.Because love has no remorse for its victims. It doesn’t give you options.And it won’t be stopped.This is Waleron and Delara’s story. It’s not pretty and it’s not kind.But it’s theirs.A band of fierce warriors walk in the shadows of the human world with capabilities derived from the senses: Trackers, Sounders, Healers, Tasters, Visionaries and the rare Reflectors. They are known as the ‘Scars.

Review : It has been a long time since I read the first books in Nashoda Rose’s Scars of the Wraith series. So when I had the opportunity to read “Credo” I was worried… reading so many books since then – would I still remember the complicated world of the Scars ?


I remember I loved them so there was no question that I wanted to read it but – would it feel right without rereading the first books ? But then I “opened the book” (as far as that works on a kindle) and after reading the first few lines the magic was back. I may not remember all the tiny wonderful details this author weaves into the story.


But the feeling was back with a lighting strike.


I remembered how much I wanted to know about Waleron and his famous “pill disperser”.


I needed to know where this pain came from – this pain that was so present.


This series is so unique that it is not possible to compare them to anything other authors may have written. At least I do not know any other comparable story and believe me I read A LOT.


Finally in this book the reader is getting some closures on THE one love story that was there from the beginning of the series. It feels like it was there from the beginning of time. It is situated so deep in the plot that it was always present an almost living entity that was breathing in the background of the other books and it needed to be told.


I refuse to go into the details but if you read the other books you will know the pain I am talking about and you will understand the relief I felt that we were finally let in. If you did not read the first books you should not read this one because you need to know the whole story.


And it will be worth your time I promise.



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