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BLOG REVIEW : Rein In (Willow Bay Stables #3) by Anne Jolin


February 28, 2017


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Title :              Rein In

Author :           Anne Jolin

Series :            Willow Bay Stables #1

Release date :   October 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : Aurora Daniels is the bleeding heart of her family. With a gift and a passion for helping to heal others, she has a legacy of kindness and gratitude—a modern-day saint.Every Sunday since she turned eighteen, Aurora has driven three hours into the city of Edmonton, Alberta, where she volunteers at an equine facility that rehabilitates troubled youth by working with horses. With their increasing success rate, the facility is expanding to foster violent parolees in hopes of a more effective release into society.Assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder—that’s what it says under the name on his sheet. Rhys White is released on good behaviour and promises to remain under contract for community service at the Equine for Hearts facility for a court-ordered period of twelve months. Willow Bay’s saint may have stumbled across the one sinner who can’t be saved from himself.Will Aurora be able to rein in Rhys’s quest for revenge before it’s too late? Or will she spend the rest of her life loving a man behind bars?


Review : The Blurb of Rein In (Willow Bay Stables #3) by Anne Jolin caught my eye and as it was already the third book in that series I thought (for a change) I should take the time and start a series at the beginning.


Therefore I took the time to first read Change Rein (Willow Bay Stables #1) and Eight-Second Ride (Willow Bay Stables #2)


And I think this series is a good example of an author that grew with writing…


In Change Rein I had trouble to connect to the leading characters the beginning was so sudden as was the appearance of Branson. It took me pages to get what he did and what was happening. And I have to be honest – for a very long time Branson felt more like a stalker to me than anything else and London is – I am not sure. Lets just say they were not my couple of the year.


With Eight Second Ride it was already a little different. Owen and Ray were a lot more likeable to me as a reader. I felt it was easier to connect with them. Maybe because by then I got a little used to the authors writing style ? Or because they were better developed ? not sure but for me as a “no Stetson” girl – I could work with that storyline a lot better.


Which brings me to the third book “Rein In” … it is the by far best of the three. From the first page on I was drawn into the story and connected with Rhys. He was a really great character so likeable from the start.


I can even confirm that Aurora the female lead is really like the blurb describes her – a modern day saint –The storyline is really well developed and contains a good dose suspense at the right moments.


It tugs and pulls at your heartstrings and I am pretty sure that the readers will love this book even more the previous books in that series.


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