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Swift (Kindred, #4) by Scarlett Finn


January 13, 2017

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Title :               Swift

Author :            Scarlett Finn

Series :            Kindred, #4

Release date :   October 31st 2016




Blurb : Swift


He’s smart and loyal,

Skilled and focused.

He broke her heart,

To save her life.


Kadie Harris can’t understand why the only man she’s ever loved has turned his back on her. He vanishes into the night without explanation, not unusual for him maybe, except this time he’s not coming back.


Tucker Holt has just watched his mentor die. The tragedy forces him to confront the danger in his life, and he knows it’s time to cut Kadie loose. What he doesn’t bank on is Kadie’s tenacity. She won’t let him get away easy. In her pursuit of him, she stumbles into the path of a lethal Kindred enemy. Will Swift and the others get her out of danger before it’s too late?


Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery. Suitable only for ages 18 and over.



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