Perfect Strangers by Abby Gale


June 21, 2017

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 Perfect Strangers


 Abby Gale




January 27th 2017 








How did my life get so complicated? Going to my ex-boyfriend’s party seemed like a good idea to prove I moved on. And that’s where I saw him –the stranger with the perfect amount of cocksure promises. So I took everything he offered, every delicious inch. It’s just that I wasn’t completely aware of the entire package.




How did my life get so perfect? Sure, I’m a complete package and I know how to use my assets. I’m never lonely and the ladies drop to their knees for a night with me. I know what you’re thinking –I’m a manwhore, well, you’re right, but I’m always honest with my one night stands – there’s never an encore But now I must get my game on because there’s much more at stake than I could have imagined.For one night, we surrendered to our desires and it was sublime.


But then our worlds unexpectedly collided once again. What are the odds?








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