Knockout by C.J. Martin


March 10, 2017


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Title :              Knockout

Author :           C.J. Martín

Series :            n/a

Release date :   October 26th 2016

Rating :           2 Stars



Blurb : Is it possible to forgive the past?


Kristen:From the moment I laid eyes on professional boxer Sean Savarese, I knew my life would never be the same. From his crystal clear blue eyes, to his strong muscular arms, to the dark wisps of curls that framed his beautiful face, I knew I was his for the taking. But he had secrets. Secrets I would later discover could shatter my world and break my heart.


Sean:Kristen. She was everywhere. All around me. At the gym where I trained. In my thoughts. In my dreams. And she was proving to be a distraction. A beautiful, sexy, complicated distraction. Despite my past, despite knowing I wasn’t good for her, despite my inner conscious urging me to let her go, I couldn’t walk away. So I didn’t. But would she still want me when she learns the truth about who I really am?


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