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Jerk: Bad Boy Sports Romance by Vanessa La Porte


December 23, 2016

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Title :             Jerk: Bad Boy Sports Romance

Author :           Vanessa La Porte

Series :            n/a

Release date :   November 2nd 2016




Blurb : The Star of the Football Team is Her Idea of A Neighbor From H-E-L-L!

So Why is She So Attracted to Him?




Another day, another letter.


Another STUPID-ASS letter from my stick in the mud neighbor complaining about the noise… again! She thinks annoying me with these dumb notes is the best way to get me to turn the music down? Yeah right! Every time I get another complaint from her, I’m just going to turn the music up louder and party even harder. And if she calls the cops on me one more time, I will make her life hell! I’m just having a little fun… maybe she should try it sometime.


When I finally come face to face with her… I’ll be damned if she isn’t the hottest stick in the mud I’ve ever seen. I’m about to pound this girl hard and make her scream my name louder than my music ever was… she can write me a letter about it later. I won’t stop until I make this girl mine…


Read to the end and enjoy FREE full story bonuses!!


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book contains adult themes and language and is intended for 18+ readers only.



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