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Eight-Second Ride (Willow Bay Stables #2) by Anne Jolin


December 20, 2016

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Title :              Eight-Second Ride

Author :           Anne Jolin

Series :            Willow Bay Stables #2

Release date :   July 2016




Blurb : Owen Daniels lives his life eight seconds at a time. The thrill of anticipation that comes with sitting on twelve hundred pounds of untamed power is unparalleled. The adrenaline rush that floods his system when the chute opens is one of life’s most unique and natural highs. Ride eight seconds bareback on a bucking bronco—that’s his life.When Owen’s stock horse, Remington’s Lady, is injured midway through the rodeo circuit, he trailers her back home to Willow Bay, Alberta, to remain in the care of the local vet, Ray Brookes.Months later, with a truck bed full of buckles, Owen comes home to collect his Lady from the man he trusted to help her recover. Only Ray happens to be short for Rayne, and Rayne happens to be a woman.And this woman wants nothing to do with a cowboy fresh off the circuit. As far as she’s concerned, he can take his buckles, boots, and spurs right back on out of her life.Will Rayne keep them from holding on to their eight-second ride? Or will love buck out of the chute in time for a perfect score?

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