Dangerous Care by M.M. Cameron


January 6, 2017

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Title :              Dangerous Care 

Author :           M.M. Cameron

Series :            Dangerous Care Saga Book 1

Release date :   October 31st 2016




Blurb : Kat Davis is headed into a storm. She has created the perfect professional life and reputation as a physiotherapist to the elite, but this is all threatened when she meets a new client, the dominating and mysterious Madoc Pearson. Suddenly and unwillingly thrown into his world of lies, espionage and danger, Kat struggles to find out who Madoc really is, unveiling not only his true identity but also the growing sexual tension between them. Kat’s destiny is soon inextricable intertwined with Madoc and his elite security team and their mission to protect the Prime Minister from a growing terrorist threat. Not only does the mission jeopardize Kat’s life, Madoc’s demanding and passionate presence threatens her career, reputation and ultimately her heart.



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