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ATTIC REVIEW : Swift (Kindred, #4) by Scarlett Finn


April 4, 2017


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Title :               Swift

Author :            Scarlett Finn

Series :            Kindred, #4

Release date :   October 31st 2016

Rating :           5 Stars



Blurb : Swift


He’s smart and loyal,

Skilled and focused.

He broke her heart,

To save her life.


Kadie Harris can’t understand why the only man she’s ever loved has turned his back on her. He vanishes into the night without explanation, not unusual for him maybe, except this time he’s not coming back.


Tucker Holt has just watched his mentor die. The tragedy forces him to confront the danger in his life, and he knows it’s time to cut Kadie loose. What he doesn’t bank on is Kadie’s tenacity. She won’t let him get away easy. In her pursuit of him, she stumbles into the path of a lethal Kindred enemy. Will Swift and the others get her out of danger before it’s too late?


Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery. Suitable only for ages 18 and over.


Review : Swift from Scarlett Finn was slightly different than I imagined. While in the first books we center basically around Raven and Swallow and only meet the other Members of the Team on the sidelines, we know focus on Swift and his woman.


When we met Swift in the first books my impression of him was that he was soft. Maybe that was due to the fact that he was always in Raven’s shadow.- And there everything has to be softer or brighter because Raven is the Rock, the center of Darkness.


What surprised me now was that when we meet Swift now alone he suddenly seems different, almost cold at first. And on the opposite site we suddenly meet Kadie Face to Face and where she was introduced to us in the first books like an innocent “dove” we now find out she’s anything but.


Surprisingly in the first chapters – until Swift is reunited with his team I actually like Kadie more than Swift – which is a first. She is naïve – I give her that – at least in her pursuit but I understand why she does the stuff that brings her into trouble. When the team is united and the balance is restored we see again the team with the addition of Kadie and I like they dynamics.


But if Kadie had not been such a cool bird in the first chapters this book might have lost a star because Swift really felt weird… like he spend too much time in Raven’s head and had taken notes.


I am now looking forward to Falcon because from the beginning on he seemed the most interesting character in the team after Raven and I can hardly wait what the author has in store as his story.


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