Unbroken by Emerson Rose


June 22, 2017


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Title :              Unbroken

Author :           Emerson Rose

Series :            n/a

Release date :   January 3rd 2017

Rating :           5 Stars



Blurb : When the powerful and wealthy, Marcus Castillo, ends up comatose in a hospital bed, death seems inevitable. But for the rugged, alpha billionaire, whispers from the shadows begin to penetrate the darkness, giving him a sense of light–a sense of hope.


ICU nurse Imani Jefferson wants to help her patient regain himself, despite the rumors of his controlling and cold reputation.


When Marcus finally awakens, he’s more than Imani ever realized.

More intense,

More powerful,

More complicated,

More intelligent,

More successful.

And most importantly, more dominant.


He has the power and the will to make her dreams come true or destroy her and she will not be destroyed again.


Apart they are damaged goods but together they are Unbroken.


Review : Something else … yeah that would be my one liner to describe “Unbroken” by Emerson Rose.


To be fair and honest … that book is unrealistic and has a bunch of what I call plot holes but believe it or not it is my first 5 star read of the year 2017 that made it to my “Hot Reads” Blog list and it took me a long time to even think about writing a review.


First of all this story is LONG … like in “other authors would have made 3 books at least out of this”-LONG – so you can throw all of your usual ideas on how a plot should develop out the window .. and right along with that you should throw out your thoughts about potholes and realistic story development.


When you did that and you are open for an over the top experience of one of the most confusing alpha males than you are ready to meet Marcus. If you ever felt “THIS MAN” Jesse Ward that came from the pen of Jodi Ellen Malpas was infuriating well you did not meet Marcus then.


Still even if he was as confusing as the story was he was still one of the most loveable Alphas that I read lately … at least MOST OF THE TIME (and you can consider THAT comment a spoiler for you to wonder).


There were pretty unrealistic parts hidden in the plot but if I neglect those the basic made a real intriguing story that captured my attention – hook, line and sinker. I might have had a few “what is going on” moments that were paired with “you can’t be serious” outbursts. But still I never considered putting the book aside – I simply could not.


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