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Turbulent Waters (Billionaire Aviators Book 3) by Melody Anne


May 28, 2017


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Title :              Turbulent Waters

Author :           Melody Anne

Series :           Billionaire Aviators, #3

Release date :   07 Feb 2017

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : Coast Guard pilot Nick Armstrong savors the taste of danger. But after his helicopter crashes into the ocean during a mission, shattering his knee, he encounters a whole different type of thrill when he meets his new physical therapist. Maybe being grounded isn’t so bad after all.Smart, sexy, and deeply guarded, Chloe Reynolds is the type of woman who drives Nick crazy for all the right reasons. But as she tries to help him heal, Chloe struggles to keep her heart—and secrets—safe.For years, she has been told that Nick is responsible for her brother’s death, a “fact” that she slowly learns may not contain the entire truth.But can Chloe’s growing feelings for Nick, and their undeniable chemistry, really overcome a years-long family feud? Or will the past ultimately destroy the future they both desperately want?


Review : Melody Anne’s series “Billionaire Aviators” has been a great reading discovery so far this year. Within a short amount of time the author release 3 books so far and all of them were extremely well written and their story was fully developed.


(I admit thought that I am especially looking forward to the 4th book, because I usually gravitate to the mysterious in a bunch and that brother surely seems a piece of work from all we learned so far)


Anyway coming back to the 3rd book in that series that I just read, which is “Turbulent Waters”. As before the writing style of the author leaves no whishes open and the plot is good. I liked the reluctance in which the relationship between our leading characters slowly grew, despite the “stuff” that basically spoke against it. ….


Yeah I know you can feel my BUT coming and here it is…


I simply can not wrap my mind around a twist in the story (that I cannot explain in detail here because of spoilers) which creates a “problem” between Cloe and Nick. And the way the story works on that problem made it a problem to me, because if it was so unforgivable than the way it was solved was far to easy and soft. I could not feel the despair in the characters.

(#crypitc much – sorry)


But still it’s a great read and I can not wait for the next book in that series … so enjoy your reading


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