The Fate of Amber by Kerri Ann


June 26, 2017


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Title :              Fate of Amber

Author :           Kerri Ann

Series :            n/a

Release date :   January 16th 2017

Rating :           2 Stars



Blurb : Shoan.


I’ve lived a thousand lives. I’ve lived and screwed my way through the ages without ever finding love for my hardened soul. It’s not mine to find; or at least I thought. Her dark red hair, her flashing green eyes, and that piercingly happy and light attitude caught me the moment I saw her in the airport. If I thought she was going to be my redemption, would I have chased her, or avoided her as much as possible?




Twenty nine. I wanted to enter the dirty thirties in a whoring, and dangerously dark sinister way. One night of drinking too much, a conversation about things I know nothing about, and an ill thought out plan of escape turned into a bigger adventure than I’d ever dreamed of. Sure, I wanted a sweaty, broad chested, tall and handsome darling to bring me to my knees. In more ways than one, I got more than I bargained for. When the fates align, can hearts endure? Will theirs?


Review : God I hate to be the first one with and unpopular opinion when reviewing. But while I liked the idea and the blurb of The Fate of Amber by Kerri Ann very much the actual story did not work out for me.


There was too much happening at the same time. And the plot was told from several POV – not only from the PoV of both of the leading characters. At times I got totally confused and as this was my first book by this author I am not sure if this is her usual style of writing or if it was a one-time thing for this plot.


The reader is thrown directly into the middle of a magical side of the world right along with our female lead. And I think it was transferred well how confused and in denial she was – because I felt a similar confusion over the plotline.


Overall it was an interesting story where just the writing style did not work out for me. I might be the odd one out here so please forgive me my unpopular opinion


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