Love Rehab by Louise Bay


May 19, 2017


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Title :              Love Rehab

Author :           Louise Bay

Series :            n/a

Release date :   December 7th 2016

Rating :           3 Stars



Blurb : My name is Mackenzie Locke and I haven’t got a handle on men. Not even a little bit. Dumped again, I’m escaping my glamorous life in Boston and heading to the country for a few days to mend my broken heart.On my first night of my vacation, I’m definitely not going to have a one night stand with the hottest guy I’ve ever met.I’m certainly not going to reveal my darkest secrets to him as we steal away each night hoping no one will notice.And the last thing I’m going to do is fall in love for the first time in my life.I’m Blake McKenna and I’m looking for distraction while I’m in town—a hot hook-up and nothing more. The fierce redhead at the bar with the beautiful ass will do just nicely.I don’t want to know her secrets.I don’t want to think about the way she feels when she’s beneath me.And I certainly don’t want to see my future every time I look at her.


A sexy, standalone romance.


Review : Love Rehab by Louise Bay could unfortunately not keep up with the expectations I had after reading the Blurb. What could have been a well developed romance felt superficial to me. The characters were not deep or in any way remarkable enough for me to try to relate to them. I felt the plot deserved more feeling and depthI might be the odd one out here but this was not my kind of plot.


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