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Lord of the Isles (International Billionaires #8) by Caro LaFever

December 15, 2016

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Title :              Lord of the Isles

Author :           Caro LaFever

Series :            International Billionaires #8

Release date :   April 25th 2016

Rating :           4 Stars



Blurb : A beast. A beauty. And an unexpected baby. When Lilly Graham visits her father in Scotland, she finds the villagers are close to rebellion against the new lord. Disturbed to hear the man has locked himself in his castle with a stash of liquor and guns, she won’t let him hide. She lost a good friend to depression and can’t be party to letting another soul lose the fight and die. Iain McPherson avoids meeting anyone or any expectations about being a hero. He shouldn’t have been a Royal Marine and he shouldn’t have been given authority to lead. Disaster happened, leaving him a broken man. All he wants is to be left to his drunken self. But a pesky, persistent lass won’t let him off the hook and no amount of bellowing or baleful threats will drive her away from his castle. Iain can’t escape from the past and he’s no longer sure he wants to escape from the present. Or the lass.


Review : Lord of the Isles (International Billionaires #8) by Caro LaFever was a real huge and pleasant surprise.


While at the beginning I was afraid that I might have by mistake chosen a historical novel – that fear soon disappear and left in its place a wonderful version of Beauty and the Beast.


If I might give an indication as to when best to read this book – I would say choose a stormy and rainy day. And if you have the possibility move nearer to an open fire to warm you while still be able to look out of the window to the stormy sea outside.


You get where I am coming from ?


Enjoy …


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