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Guiding Lights (Lights of Scotland #1) by Jessica Florence


May 30, 2017


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Title :              Guiding Lights

Author :           Jessica Florence

Series :            Lights of Scotland #1

Release date :   August 20th 2015

Rating :           1 Stars



Blurb : He sings of suffering. His eyes hold the pain of living in sorrow.

The moment our gaze meets recognition flares within.

We are tortured souls drifting in a sea of darkness.

He knows I have secrets that I’ll never tell.

I am numb

I am broken

I am dirty

I can never be the guiding light through the darkness he thinks I am.I have forsaken my past, I rely on keeping myself shut off.


But he has secrets too, secrets that would destroy everything I have left.

I wish things were different, that maybe we could be each other’s lifeline.

But destiny drags us down like an anchor.

The broken can only drift in the sea barely staying afloat.


Review : Guiding Lights (Lights of Scotland #1) by Jessica Florence had a beautiful plot idea and a gorgeous cover but that’s it on the plus side of this book.


The story dragged on for 50% of the book without a real clue as to what was behind all the suffering – and then when the clues came it felt like that could have been a totally different plotline – it went into a direction that moved to far from the blurb and it is where I went into a DNF.


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