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Embattled Ever After (Lost and Found #5) by J.M. Madden


December 4, 2016

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Title :              Embattled Ever After

Author :           J.M. Madden

Series :            Lost and Found #5

Release date :   October 11th 2016




Blurb : Duncan Wilde has avoided long-term relationships very well since his fiancée left him wounded in the hospital years ago. That one harsh lesson—that he needed to guard his heart—has lasted him for years. Besides. He’s a beat up old Marine well past his time for love. The fiery young doctor from Kansas seems to think otherwise though. She worked on one of his men months ago and they had a bit of a connection. Too bad she’s so damn young.Alex Hartfield grew up as a military brat, but she sees something in Duncan that makes her think of permanence and starting a family. She wants someone to come home to every night and love, and he’s the first man that makes her guarded heart race with hope and excitement. Now to convince him that opening up to love doesn’t mean taking on responsibility for the other person’s life.


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