Crush: A Billionaire Romance by Bella Winters


July 3, 2017


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Title :              Crush: A Billionaire Romance

Author :           Bella Winters

Series :            n/a

Release date :   January 8th 2017

Rating :           1 Stars



Blurb : You always want to have the forbidden, right? I would be lying if I said that I did not lust after Andrew! Andrew….the guy is gorgeous, sexy, rich…..he’s everything that I saved my V card for.But, I don’t want to confess it. Until…. He decides to make me say it….not once, not twice….multiple times…over and over again. And the problem is I love saying it. So what, if it is forbidden!This is a sexy, standalone story with explicit content and guaranteed HEA. This edition comes with a special 60k words bonus story – STEAL ME.


Review : Yes I read that there were basically 2 books in one but honestly at Amazons listed 670 Pages I expected the original story to be more than just the 10% on my reader. THIS IS NOT A BOOK THIS IS A SHORT STORY – A NOVELLA AT THE MOST !


I am not sure what the rest of this book is but THIS Story here is not more than a novella that seems to have stopped right in the middle. 


Basically the above Blurb tells the whole story and is about as long as the story.  The story started out like any normal book would do but at the point where in a criminal case the investigation on the murder would have started – this novel only offered : Here is the murderer


Ahm – NO .. simply NO

What a shame there was potential

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